Osmanthus Aroma Oolong


Organic Oolong Tea

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Gui Hua Xiang Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong


This twice baked spring harvest Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is from about 2000 feet elevation. Its complex taste releases aromas of ripe peach and nectarine, dried apple, honey sweetness and very mellow toasty notes. The floral fragrance resembling the natural scent of Osmanthus flower lingers on the palate long after enjoying the cup. This tea is valued for its durable infusion and long lasting pleasant aftertaste.





Preparation Instructions

Temperature: 200°F

Amount: 1.5 tsp. per 12 oz. cup

Time: 3-4min

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Weight 1 oz

1oz Loose Leaf, 1oz Loose Leaf


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